Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Settling in

Well the last couple of days have been interesting. I have found out that Steve and denise do not really like being woke up early to play. I dont understand why, I think its a great way to start the day. Its really fun to pounce on Denises feet and legs when she moves in bed.
I heard Denise say that she has never really been a cat lover but she is really please she got me. That was really nice to hear.
We had visitors on Sunday. I think they just come to see me. It was Rob and Gemma from the house next door. Rob seemed to really like me. He laughed when I did silly things.
I have learned when my food is kept. Now I can go and sit in front of the cupboard and cry to let Steve, Denise and Georgia know that I am hungry.
I got a cardboard box to play in with a hole cut in the side. Its so much fun.
I have discovered the delights of catnip. That stuff is great. Steve put a load in an old sock and tied the end. I cant get enough of it. The smell of the catnip makes me go hyper and I just fight and fight with the sock or my scratch post.
I have found a couple of cosy places to sleep. One is behind Steve and Denises bed. I have pulled a towel off the radiator and it makes a cosy bed. Nice and safe from Toffee, the big fluffy thing that lives downstairs. The other place is in the bathroom on the mat on the floor. The floor is so warm, I just fall asleep there.
I caught my first prey today. A moth. It took a bit of doing, but I eventually caught it. It was very tasty.

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