Monday, 27 July 2009

Making myself cosy with Winston.

On this photo, you can see me sleeping beside Winston the skull.
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Mmmm what a meal that would be.

This is me staring at the big bird Steve, Denise and Georgia call Mrs. Hoover. It is on of a pair of big birds that come onto the garden. Ooooh how I would love to catch that.
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Sunday, 26 July 2009

My Sunday snooze

After my escapades early this morning when I wanted to play with Denise and Steve at 5am, I am a little tired so a snooze is in order.
I think Denise and Steve are a bit annoyed at me for waking them up. I have no idea why though, surely there's nothing better than being woke up to play.
I have also been told of a few times lately for jumping out on Toffee, the rabbit, and giving a fright. The other night, he banged his head on the bottom of the radiator because I jumped out on him.
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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Peek a boo

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Monday, 20 July 2009

This is how I wake Denise in the morning.

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This is my new party trick.

While Steve, Denise and Georgia are out of the house, I get to practice all sorts of things. I can get my leg behind my head.
The other day I jumped from the top of the stairs, between the bannister rails onto the living room floor below. A good 7 or 8 feet height. When I did it when everyone was at home, they called me mad and said I would hurt myself.
Toffee and myself seem to be getting on ok at the moment. Sometimes I catch him unawares, when comes to kiss me I bop him on the head with my paw. Haha funny times.
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Monday, 13 July 2009

Me taking a power nap.

When I sleep, I sleep well.
I have made friends with Toffee. Well sort of. I am still a bit nervous of him, but things seem to be getting a bit easier. Yesterday, He was on the landing so I decided to go upstairs to see what he was doing. After a lot of staring, I decided to take a chance and moved closer. We touched noses and had a quick sniff. He didnt try to eat me or beat me up, so I'm happy. This has happened 3 times since yesterday so things are really looking up in the friendship stakes.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Power struggle

Who is going to win? I still cant figure out Toffee. He is so big. He doesn't look like me or walk or run like me but still, he lives in the house like me. Yesterday, I came face to face with him as I sat outside his cage. I was just sitting there and he hopped round from behind the cage. I arched my back and fluffed my fur up and tried to make myself look as big as possible. Toffee just looked at me as if I was silly. At that point I couldn't decide who was boss. Was I winning in the power stakes? There have been a couple of times where Toffee has actually gone to hide from me. He also looks nervous sometimes. On the other paw, sometimes he really frightens the heck out of me. Time will tell, I'm sure.

My visitors

Rob and Gemma from next door come to see me. They brought a new person with them. His name is Ben. He is Rob's brother. He was good fun. He liked to laugh when I played. He played with me with a bit of string. I went round and round, and threw myself in all directions to get it. What great fun. Gemma tried to play as well. I grabbed the string in my mouth and walked into the kitchen with her like a dog on a lead. She kept pulling me back so I would just walk her back through to the kitchen. People are such funny creatures.
My old owner, like I said previously was allergic to me, and it turns out Ben is as well. He battled through it like a little trooper and still played with me. I do hope he is ok and comes back to see me.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This Toffee

This is the big furry, long eared thing that frightens me. Hopefully we will turn out to be friends.
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Me and Georgia at the window

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What's that pointy thing moving round on the screen

To heck with Steve trying to use his computer. This is far more fun.

This looks interesting

My head and paw go a bit wet but it was good fun nevertheless.

Settling in

Well the last couple of days have been interesting. I have found out that Steve and denise do not really like being woke up early to play. I dont understand why, I think its a great way to start the day. Its really fun to pounce on Denises feet and legs when she moves in bed.
I heard Denise say that she has never really been a cat lover but she is really please she got me. That was really nice to hear.
We had visitors on Sunday. I think they just come to see me. It was Rob and Gemma from the house next door. Rob seemed to really like me. He laughed when I did silly things.
I have learned when my food is kept. Now I can go and sit in front of the cupboard and cry to let Steve, Denise and Georgia know that I am hungry.
I got a cardboard box to play in with a hole cut in the side. Its so much fun.
I have discovered the delights of catnip. That stuff is great. Steve put a load in an old sock and tied the end. I cant get enough of it. The smell of the catnip makes me go hyper and I just fight and fight with the sock or my scratch post.
I have found a couple of cosy places to sleep. One is behind Steve and Denises bed. I have pulled a towel off the radiator and it makes a cosy bed. Nice and safe from Toffee, the big fluffy thing that lives downstairs. The other place is in the bathroom on the mat on the floor. The floor is so warm, I just fall asleep there.
I caught my first prey today. A moth. It took a bit of doing, but I eventually caught it. It was very tasty.

Monday, 6 July 2009

This is me.

My new home

4Th July 2009. My name is Molly. At the time of this being written, I am 6 months old. I am a black and white DSL cat. I used to live in a town called Jarrow, which is in South Tyneside, England. Unfortunately I had to be split up with my sister, Tinx, because the little boy from the family I lived with turned out to be allergic to us. She was white and tabby and a very good looking cat.
The last time I saw her was when my new owners (Steve, Denise and their daughter, Georgia) came to collect me. I was very sad to go, and did not like being in the pet carrier for my journey to my new home. I cried a lot.
When we got to my new home, I was till crying to be out. When my new owners let me out, I was so happy and went straight to Steve and give him a bit cuddle. I explored downstairs. There were so many new sights, sounds and smells. It was very exciting. Then I spotted something very strange that I had never seen before. It was bigger than myself, very fluffy and had very big ears. It was in a cage in the living room. It was very frightening. I have no idea what it is. My owners call it Toffee. For the moment, I'm just going to keep an eye on it but not get to close to it.
Georgia gave me some food. It was lovely. I ate it till I felt full then had a drink. Steve put a new litter tray down for me to use. When I did use it, they all looked very impressed. I learned to use a litter tray at my old home.
I settled down for a little snooze. Its been an eventful couple of hours.
That night, I had to sleep in my owners bedroom. They say its till Toffee and myself get used to each other. When they were asleep, I jumped on their bed and snuggled in beside their legs.
I think it will be lots of fun here.