Friday, 28 August 2009

Cat in a bag

Complete with devil eyes
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

This is me after my operation 2 days ago

2 days ago I had to go in my carrier to go to the doctors. there were some BIG scary dogs there. I was very frightened. But I was safe in my carrier. I had a needle stuck in me. It made me so tired that I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I felt very strange. I couldn't walk properly or anything. I felt soooo tired. I noticed a patch on my side (see photo) where they had shaved some of my fur off and there was a cut there.
Once I started feeling better, Denise and Georgia came to get me and took me home. I just kept falling asleep.
Anyway, that was 2 days ago, and I am feeling more like my normal self again.
Apparently, in 2 weeks time, I am going for an injection and after that I am going to be allowed out of house. I don't know if I'm excited or scared about that. Whatever, its a whole new world for me to explore.
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Me with milk bottle top

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Saturday, 22 August 2009


Sorry there have not been and updates recently, I have been too well. I have got a touch of the fleas. Steve, Denise and Georgia are not to happy about it. I seem to have spread them all round the house. They are doing they're best to get rid of them. I'm getting combed every day, I've had drops put in my fir. They have even sprayed every bit of the house with this horrible stuff. Lucky Toffee doesn't seem to have been affected at all by the fleas.
Anyway, I will keep you all updated.
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Friday, 14 August 2009

Snuggled up with my new friend, Dave

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Sooooo comfy

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